You want to change yourself? “Sweep out” your sub consciousness!

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How does sub consciousness helps to achieve your aims?
Psychologist, therapist of international medical hypnosis Vilhelmina Ivanauskaite had worked for about ten years in art psychotherapy area. The intent of this method is to unleash all that obstructs to live a full-rate life through the drawing. For psychologist it was familiar area, because she also paints. Hypnosis, as medical treatment, Vilhelmina started using after finishing studies in International Hypnotherapy Academy of America.

hipnoze-eu-2014-1                 V. Ivanauskaite in her studio

Hypnosis versus filter in sub consciousness?
For example, while watching snowfall our sight gets like fixed. Watching floating water or fire, we also get like frozen in a moment, dissociated from irritants of environment… Specifically the same state of patient is being caused during hypnosis. Criticism factor gets absolutely loosen. Criticism factor is being mould in childhood like some kind of filter, which protects our consciousness. It protects human being sub consciousness from too fast access of information. Otherwise, it blocks the exit passage for information from sub consciousness. During hypnosis when criticism factor is released, it serves for a person. Continue reading

What hypnotherapy is able for?
Hypnotherapy is purposeful once the aim is set. It might be some kind of problem, which was not solved, disease, which has to be healed, pain that has to be relieved. During session criticism factor gets slipped, the therapeutic mesmerism is being interposed to sub consciousness, for example “…you become more and more healthy…”.
The power of sub consciousness is great – disappears the thoughts that were putting limits, with which person imprisons himself. Negative mesmerism is being changed to positive. Positive mesmerism resonates with soul or in other words – sub consciousness, which transfers information to space (to collective consciousness of universe). Consciousness of universe changes and according to it, changes the environment of the person – it creates auspicious factors for person himself to change. He starts believing: I can! It is happening with me! I’m successful!


How does negative gets collects?

Usually it happens when human is only an embryo. For example someone tell to pregnant women: “it‘s not a time for you to give birth, you must finish studies firs, from what money you will live from?… Embryo hears everything and cringes, because he feels that he is not wanted, not loved. In these kind of cases, giving birth gets complicated, because baby don‘t want to go to this world. Especially women of immediate post war years generation didn’t feel safe, there were no one to hold the hand, to comfort. On contrary – they felt humiliated. Also usually right after being born baby’s umbilical was cuted too early when it can be cut only after it stops to pulse, because baby keeps getting food and breathing through it even after being born…
Actually, babies (or children) usually are slapped over a buttock and all these things are being recorded to child’s sub consciousness! While growing, maturing parents or teachers quite often rush to scold: what a stupid one, real jackass – all these things are being “recorded”! Later this person is not able to get rid of collected negative load: starts smoking and cannot quit, starts drinking and cannot stop. Starts slow self-destruction, only the wish to be different stays…
Most probably, you have seen young, nice, successful career seeking women, whose personal life is absolutely unfortunate (for example, all her partners leave her). Either businessman, who works hard, is smart, but every few years goes to bankrupt… and that about cancer and other diseases that do not have clear reason? All that is related with records in sub consciousness!


Fear “not to come back” after medical hypnosis…
Only when hypnosis is given like show, person can daggle brandishing hands like caching butterflies… for my patients I do not let to go too deep, if I feel it, I just bring the patient back. During the session person hears everything, can talk with me, and controls the process. When I ask him, he answers. Sometimes later on gets surprized: maybe I was not hypnotized?
Breathing, changed eyes pupils, the colour and shape of the face, skin and many other features proves the state of hypnosis. If one patient comes to me few month before elective surgery, I can prepare him, within 6 hypnosis sessions and teach him to go to deep hypnosis. After this, during the operation patient is able to talk, even to make jokes; during all the operation stays relaxed, wound almost do not bleed and heels in some hours.



What are the reasons why people applies to you?

First of all diseases which traditional medicine cannot cure: allergies, skin problems, asthma, various dependencies, overweight. Also – self-doubt, fears – these are exactly the main reasons that attracts failures, which influence bad relation with partner, or obstacles at work.

Does hypnosis might help to give painless birth?
If women wants to have easy pregnancy and to give birth easily, she might take sessions and learn to go to deep hypnosis. I take part in giving birth and help my patient to go to hypnotic state. When women gives birth under hypnosis, pain and discomfort disappears, face stays clear, women do not lose energy and birth is easy, without any complications. After that kind of giving birth woman feels good, has milk, is able to walk at once and looks nice. Children, born this way, are calm, has a good night sleep and do not bother mothers rest.

Does ability to go to hypnosis stays after learning it?
This ability cannot be lost. For example, I’ve improved my English knowledge using hypnosis and even after long time not using the language my knowledge stays, i just have to „push the bottom“ and…

You have mentioned before, that there are three things, which cleans sub consciousness: meditation, prayer and hypnosis. Witch of them is the strongest one?
Meditation makes the situation better, but works quite slowly, because during it sub consciousness is being cleaned not purposeful, but in general. Of course, the one who practises it feels much stronger. Prayer gives quite similar effect. Hypnosis is purposeful work, when some concrete aim is being define. First, the so called-protocol is drawn up – it is needed for better contact with patient; it also helps to understand the need of patient and gives the clue which is the best way to go to hypnosis. Either protocol helps to prove mutual trust. I also explain the scheme how does hypnosis works and answer client questions…
If client has many negative marks, it means that sympathetic nervous system is being activate. For example, person trains regular, watches for food, but his immunity is week. After starting to practice hypnosis start to function parasympathetic nervous system, digestion, bloodstream gets better, person has more and more energy and feels much better.

Can human being heel himself? Maybe cancer might be heeled also?
If one person had made medical researches and knows the state of his disease, I recommend to act combining work with medics. For example, medic give chemotherapy and I – “records” that it will not only heel cancer, but also will help to make stronger the immunity system. Most often result – disease is healed and person don not suffer much.



  • Supposedly, hypnosis was used in ancient times already, for example, in healing temples in India. In manuscripts of ancient Egypt, there are also some references about healing using hypnosis mesmerisms.
  • Doctor James Esdaile performed more than 300 operation when hypnosis was used for anesthesia, but invention of chemical anesthetics replaced it.
  • About 40-75 percent of people succumb to hypnosis. Publicly performed sessions might help to get rid of neurotic origin illness or to help to mitigate it.
  • The elements of mass hypnosis might be used orators. Adolf Hitler actively used it.
  • After measuring, the frequency of brains estimated waves in HERC is obvious that during the sleep frequency is less than 8 HERC. During hypnosis it is 8-12 HERC and from 13 HERC starts active brain activity.
  • Although it is believed that hypnotized person loses his will, in fact one person is able to terminate the session at any time. It is impossible to make someone to act against his will or moral convictions.

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