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vilhIs it possible to be born once more?
To go to your past lives?
What can be learned from all that?

Famous Lithuanian lecturer Aleksandras Zarskus says that – “Pregnant woman has a power to manage the living substance – she forms and grows the physical body inside for new soul coming and gives to it her own inner features. It won’t be wrong to say, that it’s the most important kind of creation work in this world. Because it is the creation of the creator – human being, on which lays the destiny of this world.”
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When difficulties starts in mother’s womb

Every person is accompanied by the code (record) since his initial period, when fetus is formed in Mother’s womb. Precisely here we get written in not only positive, but also negative information. In case of unplanned circumstances, quite often women get pregnant without planning it, they easily get depressed, especially when there is nobody to support (especially the father of the baby!). That king of complicated experiences attaches itself to the child’s consciousness and later on becomes certain stereotypes, which rules everyday life. Later on, that kind of person can’t understand why he can’t do one thing or the other, why in his way of life appears insurmountable barriers, why he has weak health and etc.
Especially it is important when we talk about post-war generation, women, who had to help to support family (husbands salary usually was not enough) and worked till last month of pregnancy. In that occasion women usually were under deep physical and emotional pressure and baby felt that for his mother were more important things, like work, home, husband…
Also not every man was happy about new baby coming, for some of them, it was just one more mouth to feed, some – just didn’t want (or didn’t know how) to help, to comfort his wife. Alcohol usually was a big problem too. And after all that, baby felt left by his own and not needed.
Many mistakes were done during childbirth either: husband was not allowed to be close, eve to enter the hospital; mother felt stressed not safe and that feeling of unsecure, pain was transferred to a child. Also umbilical cord, very often, was cut too early, before baby was ready to breathe. Moreover, medics even were not waiting for natural start of bereaving (following the protocol) they were shaking baby head down, giving a (slight) hit to a baby’s bottom and taking him away from mother immediately, till, according to them, will come the time for feeding. That’s how this world met new fragile life… and subconscious “recorded” all!

The bridge to past: programming pregnancy

If you want to change a day after tomorrow it is worth to try prenatal (pregnancy and birth) hypnotherapy (one of psychotherapy methods, using hypnosis – intermediate state between sleeping and waking), the point of it is – during hypnosis to “rewrite” negative situation of prenatal and natal periods. If your birth was not planed, if parents, or even your mother, were not waiting for you, wanted to abort – all this can be changed to positive (like you were expected with love, mother was keeping an excellent relationship with you all prenatal period, your birth was easy, without any negative emotions)…
New “redesigned” period is recorded to CD, that person could listen for it as much as it needed, and to experience the state between sleeping and waking again… That kind of session is “reprogramming” – negative inscriptions are being changed to positive ones, which influence your life. If one person was chased by anxiety, fears, depression, if was hard to concentrate, to work, to seek the career – all this starts changing in some time… Memories do not disappear, but next to it, is formed the new path, new bridge to better, harmonious future…

Steps to the past that helps

To past lives can go people who are already capable to submerge to hypnosis, that’s why first of all is recommended to pass the course of hypnosis. May be you have difficulties to find your place in life, you don’t know which direction, specialty to choose, or maybe you have fears, anxiety that stops you? Or maybe you are looking for the answers like: why are you so depressed, why you have so many serious diseases, why destiny brought you together with concrete person, what you have to learn? Answers might be found by help of the regress – method that helps to go back to your own past. Regress is the fundament of hypnotherapy. During the session “while leaving the body” is important to see yourself externally like, not to identify with person from the past – the therapeutist also helps to do that.
The step to previous lives gives you directions to areas where you achieved most; according to that information you can choose your direction in this life!
For example, people suffering from an incurable disease usually have fear of deaf, which breaks the soul and complicates everyday life. After all, person could still enjoy his days… After few sessions of regression situation usually changes: fear of deaf disappears, appears philosophical point of view to death and disease, also appears will to create, self-realization in areas that were not discovered before…

5 questions about “travels” during regress sessions

Vilhelmina herself , while studying in international Hypnotherapy Academy of America, has experienced many regressions, that is to say, travels back time – the past lives.

Isn’t it too hard to experience the past events one more time, especially if they were tragical?
If I notice, that during the session person gets too much emotionally involved; to protect him from immoderate negative information flow I withdraw him using special techniques. Usually person leaves in a brown study, analyzing experiences that he went through, but at the same time relaxed, even elevated like. Because resurrected memories are not heavy somehow, on contrary, they help to seek for excellence, to find characteristics with which it is worth to work on. Most important that person would have willing for it.
Regression is not recommended for people who do not recognize the reincarnation (their past lives), and bluntly believes in living in heaven and hell.
Because we have as much past lives, as ocean has drops in it and traveling through is very strange: once you were rich squanderer in other beggar, in one beauty in next cripple… This is evidenced by famous masters who experienced thousands of regression.
Regression helps to find out what and when happened to you. That might help to overcome neurosis, strokes, fears that were collected during many lives.

How does one person changes after hypnotherapy?
The changes are very evident. For example, with one lady we passed the moment of her birth, we were ascertaining the relation between her parents and suddenly she started analyzing the fragments of her life! She understood, that she was not listening what her daughter was telling to her, it was the reason why their relation was deteriorating catastrophically. Daughter was just looking for her mother’s love and understanding for many years… After few sessions their relationship step by step started getting better.

When you were passing your own birth, did you find the answer why you’ve chosen your parents?
If one person dies young, without passing even half of life what was given to him, he is reincarnated quite soon. He also looses the possibility to choose his parents, he even might be send to same family. Usually when I ask what person, what he saw in a moment of choice, he doesn’t has an answer. Incase if you live long, parents and country you can choose. I had such a possibility; I saw very concrete features of my parents that I liked…

Were some unexpected things to you?
In one of the past lives, even B.C., I was the teacher of tantra, who became a grand master but refused to teach other people. Maybe it’s the reason why now I have to work with people so much…

What is the most important thing we have learn in every life?
Faith. There is needed more than one life to reach the true perception of God. Most of the people leaves this life with anger, disappointment, or relaxed that at last they leave that queer body, oppressive moral status. Only one percent leaves thinking about God and divinity. For me was very important to feel the moment when soul leaves the body, after that experience, I understood that is much easier to die then to be born. Trust me – leaving is really a bliss…