About me:

I am Vilhelmina Ivanauskaitė. I have been dreaming of helping people since childhood. The dream came true, only much more meaningfully than I could have imagined. All my life I have been studying, improving, practicing, and working by applying the new knowledge I have gained because everything moves forward and you go with the flow. I look at everything deeply and comprehensively. When working with people, I always look for the real reason, because one can talk about the true state and achieve healing at all levels only after finding the root of the problem: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I use many great tools to help me, such as meditation, yoga, sound therapy, hypnosis, art therapy, arithmetic astrology of numbers - the mandala of being; I use dowsing rods, and one of the main, most accurate, tools of my work are the TARO cards I have painted myself based on the need of my work. Already at the age of 15, I mastered autogenous training and later studied the art of TARO cards, with which I have been working for about 30 years. A lifetime is a continuous process of creation of self, own possibilities, accumulation, and application of knowledge to help others.
      I will briefly mention my academic education and some more interesting areas of education, and you can see the certificates of other courses in the link certificates:

In 2001, I acquired the basics of apitherapy and phytotherapy at Kaunas Medical Academy.

In 2001, I studied family psychotherapy in Moscow, in courses organized by Dr. B. Xellinger.

In 2005, I graduated from Vilnius University with a Bachelor's degree in psychology.

In 2008, I successfully completed my Master's studies in psychology at Vilnius University.

In 2010, I improved my knowledge of positive psychology at Birkbeck University of London.

In 2017, I successfully completed practical training at the Clinic of Behavioural Medicine of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LUHS), an introductory psychotherapy course (cognitive and behavioural therapy) (CBT) for psychologists and doctors of all specialties.

In 2012, I graduated from the Hypnotherapy Academy of America, the best in America, where I studied modules in clinical hypnotherapy, regression, natal period, and prenatal hypnotherapy.

In 2016, I improved my knowledge and graduated from NLP (neurolinguistic programming) courses organized by NLP master V. Jankauskas and Dr. R. Bandler.

In 2016-2018, at the Institute of Neuromedicine, I studied and practiced the meditation practices of conscious attention - mindfulness (MNF), which have been researched and recognized medically. I deepened my MNF studies at work with children and adolescents; in 2017, I was awarded the Degree of MNF Instructor Teacher.

In 2018, I obtained the qualification of MNF international level instructor.

In 2018, I completed a course in Erikson hypnosis at the Collège International de Thérapies par Activation de la Conscience.

      At the same time, I constantly studied and practiced for my own pleasure; I went deeper into spiritual practices; it helps to balance and cleanse in life, it is like a necessary psycho-hygiene for everyday life, inner peace, well-being, health and mood. So, a brief history of my alternative studies is as follows:

In 1995, I started learning Reiki meditation.

In 1997, I obtained the level of Reiki Master and the level of Reiki Karuna Master.

In 1998, I obtained the level of Reiki Grand Master.

In 2001, I improved with the international Reiki Master F. Arjava from Japan.

In 2002, I improved in America at the Reiki Karuna International Centre with Master and President W. Randa.

In 2005, I completed the "Flower of Life" course of working with sacral geometry.

In 2008, I completed an international ATTC yoga teacher level training at Shivananda School. I practice classical yoga all the time.

In 2015, I studied energy techniques at the Samadeva Academy (Eneagrama, bioenergy techniques).

From 2018 to 2019, I studied sound therapy and completed practical training in working with fused rhinestone cups and in my inner voice in training organized by Karin and Gert Amberger in Italy. In 2019, I participated in continuing education for deeper work with the subconscious, DNA and self-discovery through the inner voice, in Austria. I continue to work successfully with fused rhinestone cups, at different frequencies, and voice therapy.

For many years I have been interested in physiognomy and learned specific facial massage techniques.

From time to time I volunteer in training organized by the Training Centre of the Prison Department under the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania in order to facilitate the hard work of the employees of the security institutions. Thus, I heard and completed additional BCC (Initial Training of Behaviour-Conversation-Change Programme) and KET programs. In the same year, I completed the training of the individual cognitive-behavioural programme "Only You and Me", which gives the right to apply the modules of Prevention of Substances having Psychoactive Effect and Violence Prevention.

In 2019, I completed MI (motivational interview on a basic basis) training; I studied at the Lithuanian Mindfulness Association and the Institute of Neuromedicine. In the same year, I acquired the International MI teacher level.

      Every day I travel all the way leading to the inner light that we can achieve through various practices and I wish all to look at the light because where we look, there flows our energy.
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