Balancing the state of consciousness - restoring DNA
I help to find out the real reasons that prevent a person from improving, being treated and achieving their goals.
Clinical Hypnotherapy Therapist
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Psychotherapist
Motivational Interview (MI) teacher
Art therapy specialist
Mindfulness (MNF) teacher
Master of TARO and Reiki
Yoga teacher
I am Vilhelmina Ivanauskaitė. I have been dreaming of helping people since childhood.
The dream came true, only much more meaningfully than I could have imagined. All my life I have been studying, improving, practicing, and working by applying the new knowledge I have gained because everything moves forward and you go with the flow.
It is an excellent psychotherapeutic methodology based on the results of the latest discoveries and research. It perfectly restores the human immune and hormonal systems, relaxes the sympathetic and activates the parasympathetic nervous system (NS), helps regulate blood pressure. Improves health, rejuvenates body cells. Leads to self-confidence, freedom, safety and joy.

It is necessary to schedule 2 hours for the first session. The course consists of 6 sessions.

The session can be performed directly on arrival (which is better) or remotely using the Skype app.

The price of the session is EUR 100.
Creation of the Mandala of Entity
The mandala of entity is arithmetic astrology. After creating a diagram, you can see the possible basic innate difficulties of life at the level of a person's destiny, the key abilities of a person, the possibilities, the propensity of the human body to inherited diseases, the dynastic curses carried, the essential purpose of a person. By knowing these things about oneself, a person has more freedom of choice, he can plan more effectively - more successfully - and build his future. Guidance is provided on how to overcome certain self-destructive situations and obstacles. Especially recommended for teenagers or those who have difficulty in choosing a career.

The session lasts 30 minutes, the session is conducted both live and remotely (Skype).

The price of the session is EUR 35.
Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy
CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy is a medical research-based methodology that is as equated to medication treatment. CBT is especially effective in dealing with depression and other psychological disorders. Through the work with own thoughts, emotions and behaviour, it also helps to adjust them, develop own abilities and values.

The session lasts 45 minutes, the session can be conducted both live and remotely (Skype).

The price of the session is EUR 40.
Reiki is a meditative-spiritual practice that, like daily psycho-hygiene, helps to maintain good health, purify and feel the inner balance. Reiki harmonizes and gently heals through the centre of the heart. Effective in dealing with sadness, when experiencing loss, gently balances a person.

I conduct individual and group trainings. It is taught directly or remotely (Skype).

The price of the session is EUR 50.
Mindfulness (MNF)
MNF is a meditative practice based on conscious attention, which is evaluated and recognized based on medical research performed. Effective in the treatment of severe processes such as prevention of relapse when working with harmful habits, depression, chronic pains and eating disorders. It helps change in life, what we can change and adjust to what is impossible to change, distracts from suffering and develops full consciousness.

The session can take place directly on arrival or remotely (Skype). The duration of the session is 45 min.

The price of the session is EUR 30.
"Hakim" Facial Massage
"Hakim" facial massage activates the main internal organs through dots on the face. This massage deeply relaxes the internal tensions in the brain, a person experiences a pleasant state of kinesthetic trance that has a deep therapeutic effect on the human personality and body. Deeply relaxes and rejuvenates facial skin. The human face becomes beautiful - his whole life becomes beautiful as well.

Can only be performed on arrival, the duration of the session is 45min.

The price of the session is EUR 40.
Spine Massage
Spine massage is a gentle however deep yoga technique, during which the massage is performed with legs by restoring the vertebrae of the spine to the correct position and restoring the dynamics to the latter. This massage also improves general well-being. A healthy spine is a growing will.

The duration of the session is 45 min.

The price of the session is EUR 50.
Art Therapy
Art therapy is one of the most effective methodologies for working with the subconscious on all issues. Especially effective when working with children and adolescents. It is the easiest way to the best recovery and communication of a person with his own Supreme Inner Wisdom - it is like a journey to the beginning of a new life.

The session can take place directly or remotely (Skype), the duration of the session is 45min.

The price of the session is EUR 40.
TARO Cards
TARO cards are a deep mental and spiritual instrument. Enabling you to quickly and efficiently access the information you need from the subconscious. It helps to make the right choice, to orientate yourself in difficult situations; this is a highly accurate diagnosis. Clarity helps to find a way out of difficult life situations. It is an opportunity to go through life by employing your will, more easily, together with karma.

The session can be live or remote (Skype).

The price of the 30-minute session is EUR 40.
Erickson Hypnotherapy
Erickson hypnotherapy is a trance with the eyes open, which can also be called activation of consciousness. Removes inner blocks, increases self-confidence, leads to healing at all levels, reduces pain. Just like the art therapy, it works gently but effectively, only here all the tools are in our brains.

The session can take place directly or remotely (Skype), the duration of the session is 45min.

The price of the session is EUR 50.
Sound Therapy
Fused rhinestone cups of different sound frequencies are used for this therapy. They are made based on the wisdom of Confucius, according to I-cin (the book of change); these are the 8 elements that make up the entire Universe and each cell of our living body, i.e. Lightning - Wind - Sun - Earth - Lake - Water - Sky - Mountain. This therapy has a gentle effect on DNA, restores the initial healthy state of the latter, returns energy, and treatment takes place at all levels of the body. Goes straight to the subconscious. It is real growth and evolution.

The session is organized directly or remotely (Skype).

The price of the 30-minute session is EUR 40.
Motivational Interview (MI)
MI - Motivational Interview is a method of counselling that helps a person to free himself from doubts, make decisions on his own, plan and realize what he is aiming for. Motivates a person for new positive steps in life, to discover and develop his best abilities and resources, to seek strength for a new rise.

The session is performed directly or remotely (Skype); the duration of the session is 45 min.

The price of the session is EUR 35.
Taro cards
for meditacion drown by me
Soon will be presented
the book, which introduces methodologies for working
with these Taro cards.

1 set - 65 eur
2 sets - 89 eur
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